Die Nacht hat viele Augen (McClouds & Friends, #1)

2250 stars
Shannon McKenna

Die Nacht hat viele Augen (McClouds & Friends, #1) by Shannon McKenna PDF, TXT, ePub, PDB, RTF, FB2.

Title Die Nacht hat viele Augen (McClouds & Friends, #1)
Rating 2250 stars
Author Shannon McKenna
Pages 528
Isbn 3802583302


I struggled with the hero in Behind Closed Doors, however, I really liked the book overall. We meet Seth, who is trying to avenge his brother’s death by killing/capturing his murderer. This involves spying on the murderer’s new mistress, Raine. He becomes obsessed with her, watching her constantly.

What he doesn’t know is Raine is actually on her own undercover mission. The murderer he is watching also killed her father too, when she was young girl. She wants to try to find more answers as to what happened. An interesting tidbit—the murderer is her uncle and she is not a mistress. She is a bit naive, and has one or two TSTL moments, but I liked her a lot. She changed a lot by the end of the book.

The two become involved. Seth, is the one of the top Uber-alphas I’ve ever read. He comes from an awful childhood, and really never learned how to love or communicate with anyone. It’s mentioned more than once in the story that he ‘has no social skills’. He’s constantly angry, rude, and just a down right a**hole. I was able to overlook this because the author lets us into his head to know what he is thinking. He doesn’t mean to say or do things to hurt feelings, and he does most of the time feel sorry for what he’s done. In the sex scenes, a few times I felt he was almost raping her. He doesn’t like to talk about feelings or care what she has to say so he wants her to shut up. He does this by pinning her down and using his strength against her and pretty much forcing sex. She ends up liking it, but I didn’t. In the end, Raine is able to tame Seth’s beast, vs. just tolerating his crap. He comes to realize he doesn’t want to be alone and miserable the rest of his life.

I have to add that I thought there was...well...too much sex. There I said it. After awhile, I'm like come on! Get on with it! It wasn't like it varied much--it was more of the same sex over and over. The book could have been cut down by 50 pages by shortening up the later scenes.

The mystery in this story is not really a who-dunnit, but more of a ‘why did they do it’. The suspense is very good and I felt the story was really well written. We meet the McCloud brothers, and I am anxious to read their stories.

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